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                              7 Easy Habits That Can Save

                You $1,000 in Your Dental Bill



Habit # 1 – Use products containing Xylitol.  Recent studies support the antibacterial

                   affect of this sugar sweetener. The antibacterial properties will help prevent            

                   gum disease and cavities.


Habit # 2 – Substitute artificial sweeteners with Stevia, a natural sweetener once banned

                   in the U.S.  Stevia has been proven not only to reduce the formation of

                   Streptococcus bacteria linked to the formation of cavities and gum disease. It 

                   also lowers blood sugar for diabetics unlike other artificial sweeteners.   


Habit # 3- Reduce the number of evening cocktails.  Red wine causes staining quicker 

                  than coffee and tea.


Habit # 4- Make an effort to stop smoking.  The amount of bacteria in a smoker mouth is

                  twice that of a non-smoker.


Habit # 5 – Eliminate soft drinks from your diet. If the citric acid and phosphoric acid

                   does not destroy your teeth, the high fructose corn syrup, sugar and aspartame             


Habit #6 – Have your child drink water after eating candy to wash the sugar off of their 



Habit # 7 – Invest in a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year.  It can save you

                   hours of gum therapy get rid of the morning breath and your gums back to



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